Cherry Old Fashioned Cocktail

It’ soon Valentine’s Day, so what could be more fitting than a lovely red cocktail? Your loved one you probably want to treat with only the best though, so in this cocktail we are using high quality cherry Heering liqueur. It adds both sweetness and an intense red color to this “Cherry Old Fashioned” (which is actually a nice cocktail to enjoy also on your own). The main ingredient however is rye, which is our favorite type of whisky. And on top of all this loveliness, we’ve been lucky enough to come across a cherry Heering mixing glass which felt perfectly fitting to stir this cocktail in.

What’s in it

2 oz rye
0,75 oz cherry Heering
0,25 oz simple syrup
a few dashes Angostura bitters
a few dashes Regans’ orange bitters
Stir over ice and pour into rocks glasses.


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