The Stark

bourbon, yellow chartreuse
The Stark presented by Cocktail Detour


This is The Stark, as commented upon by Carolyn Gil in Sasha Petraske’s “Regarding Cocktails”. It’s one of the most beautiful and philosophical cocktail books out there according to us. Most cocktails in the book are relatively simple when it comes to number and type of ingredients, equipment required and preparation time needed. However this doesn’t mean the cocktails are less interesting, it’s rather the other way around.

The Stark is a good example of this. A bourbon driven recipe, sweetened by natural flavour from honey syrup and yellow Chartreuse. Then there’s just some lemon juice to freshen things up, and some bitters to balance the whole experience. It’s delightful in all its simplicity.

During the shoot we had some fun with coasters and jiggers. This balancing act was scary, but rewarding.

The Stark



0,5 oz fresh lemon juice
0,5 oz honey syrup
0,75 oz yellow Chartreuse
1,5 oz bourbon
Angostura bitters


Shake all ingredients but the bitters with fresh ice and strain into a glass. Add cracked ice and float the bitters on top.



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