aperol, pisco
Cuzco presented by Cocktail Detour


An almost metallic flavour is what you get if you shake up a Cuzco cocktail by Julie Reiner. The combination of Pisco, grapefruit juice and Aperol is so spectacular, but hard to describe, that you have to try this cocktail to understand what happened in the shaker.

The Aperol colours the drink in a very nice way. This subtle pale orange tone is so flattering to any cocktail, it looks immediately delicious we think.




2 oz Pisco
0,75 oz Aperol
0,75 oz simple syrup
0,5 oz lemon juice
0,5 oz grapefruit juice
Kirchwasser (to rinse glass)


Start by rinsing a Collins glass with the Kirchwasser. Then shake all other ingredients with ice and strain into the glass. Top up with fresh ice.



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