Speaking in Tongues

amaro meletti, blanco tequila, coffee liqueur, mezcal
Speaking in Tongues presented by Cocktail Detour


Seeing Candide at the Royal Swedish Opera a few weeks ago was fantastic. It’s a comic opera, and there was no shortage of funny costumes and surprising lyrics.⁠

But we just couldn’t resist bringing a flask cocktail. This one by Chris Hannah is absolutely delicious, and it worked well as a pre-batched drink. We’ve always liked the combination of tequila and mezcal, and in here the added amaro and coffee tones really complement the whole experience.⁠

The glass? It’s collapsable and it fits anywhere. Vintage barware are the best aren’t they!⁠

Speaking in Tongues

Recipe by Chris Hannah⁠


2,5 oz blanco tequila⁠
1 oz mezcal⁠
1 oz amaro Meletti⁠
0,5 oz coffee liqueur⁠
2 dashes coffee bitters⁠


Stir with fresh ice and funnel into a flask. (This recipe is good for two servings).⁠



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