campari, coffie gin, tonic water
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This is another cocktail we created with the new coffee gin from Skånska Spritfabriken – a Swedish distiller. As there is actually quite a lot of coffee flavour in the gin we didn’t want to mix it with too overpowering ingredients. However the bitterness of Campari worked very well, and as we had infused the Campari with coffee it only further elevated the flavors of the gin.⁠

A perfect sipper for those into coffee, like ourselves.⁠


Recipe by Cocktail Detour


2 oz coffee gin⁠
30 drops of coffee infused Campari⁠
tonic water⁠


Pour the coffee gin into a large glass, add ice and top up with tonic water. Drop over the coffee infused Campari. (Make it by letting three coffee beans infuse a few ounces of Campari in the fridge for at least three hours).⁠


highball or big wine glass

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