Solera Sidecar – from Death & CO

Once again we turn to Death & CO’s excellent book, for an inspirational new recipe. And this time we decided to try their twist on the classic Sidecar. Death & CO alters it by substituting cointreau with the more potent grand marnier, adding both sherry and amaretto to mellow everything just a tiny bit.

The original Sidecar is definitely one of those perfect cocktails that doesn’t really need alterations, but the Solera Sidecar is equally nice. You could almost consider it a unique cocktail on its own, but as Death & CO named it this way comparisons are inevitable. Of course cognac is the dominant flavor, just as it is in an original Sidecar, but the sherry and amaretto add interesting flavors in a subtle but noticeable way. We used a very dark sherry (Fad no 6) which also added color to the drink.


What’s in it

1,5 oz cognac

0,5 oz sherry

0,25 oz grand marnier

0,25 ox amaretto

0,5 oz fresh lemon juice

0,25 oz simple syrup

Shaken, not stirred




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