Book: Death & Co

Death & Co by David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald and Alex Day is obviously the book with recipes from the corresponding bar in New York. While we have yet to visit this bar, several of the recipes we’ve already tried at home. And this is big book! There are several hundreds of cocktails to mix, most of them being signature cocktails of Death & Co. Extra nice is that the book tells who the mixologist behind every cocktail is, and also what year it was created. Quite often there is also a short background of how the bartender came up with the drink, or even the name of the cocktail.

Of course some rare ingredients are found in the recipes, but many of these rarities can be substituted by more common drink ingredients, meaning you can quite easily recreate most of the cocktails even in your home bar. Cocktails in the book are arranged by base spirit. So if you’re a gin lover for example it’s easy to find all cocktails based on that spirit.

It’s been tempting to show a picture also from the inside of the book. However, to preserve the air of mystery around this black velvet covered book we chose not to. If you get your hands on the book you will however be mesmerized by the books recipes and its many tempting cocktail pictures.

The book is available at Amazon.


A Black book calls for a Black gin

Just had to photograph this book next to a bottle of Black gin. Generally considered one of the best and most unique gins in the world, not only does it tastes good, the sober bottle also looks good. Previously reviewed book Gin & Tonic says this is one of the nineteenth most remarkable gins in the world. One of the features making Black gin so unique is the whooping 74 botanicals in the ingredient list. Among these botanicals are ginger, bay and coriander.

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