Book: Gin & Tonic

A Gin & Tonic is one of the most iconic cocktails out there. It is super easy to do, just pour some gin and top up the glass with tonic water. However, with all crafted gin brands, and small batch tonics available today, making the perfect GT could take some practice.

However the perfect guide was recently released in its second edition. The book is called Gin & Tonic – The Complete Guide For The Perfect Mix. Authors are Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons. The book goes through more than 100 gin brands, and classifies each according to their citrus/floral note and spicy/sweet note. Ingredients per brand are listed as are suggestions of what tonic water to pair the specific gin with.

As an example the book tells us to pair the popular Sipsmith gin with a neutral tonic water to let the gin’s Seville orange and Spanish lemon peel flavors come through.

This books also includes some gin history, a list of good Gin & Tonic bars all over the world and most interesting of all, the authors list of their top 19 most remarkable gins.

The book is available at both American Amazon and European Amazon.


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