Yuzu cocktail

Yuzu is an asian citrus fruit, in the middle of a lime and a mandarin. Its juice is very fresh and fruity, and the zest is amazing in both food and cocktail. This awesome fruit is however still relatively hard to get in stores in Europe. Hopefully this is about to change.

So, in this yuzu cocktail we are unable to use fresh yuzu, instead we found packaged juice in our store. We’re sure this is nowhere near as nice as the fresh thing, but this processed juice still gives the unusual cocktail flavor we’re looking for here.

Combined with elderflower and gin, served in a tumbler glass over a big piece of ice, this drink really is something. We truly liked its freshness and uniqueness. This cocktail is fruity and sour at the same time, and you can definitely tell it’s not made from common lime.

If you find processed yuzu juice, do try this cocktail. If you find a whole fresh yuzu . . . well lucky you!


What’s in it

1,5 oz dry gin

0,5 oz elderflower liqueur

0,75 oz yuzu juice

2 dashes og grapefruit bitters

Shaken, not stirred





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