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One Hot Ginger presented by Cocktail Detour



Yes, it’s time to melt some snow again with tiki drinks, in this fun January event arranged by @homebargirl and @ntitz

While this One Hot Ginger might officially not be a tiki drink (no rum, no tiki mug) we still get some exotic vibes from it. And as it is a hot drink it certainly does a good job at melting some snow away.⁠

The recipe calls for bourbon, but we chose to go with Bulleit’s rye, which is a favourite of ours. The ginger syrup we used is home made, to get it extra strong and spicy which we like. Grand Marnier is a luxurious orange liqueur not as commonly used as Cointreau, but it’s worth getting a bottle of this tasty Cognac based liqueur.⁠

Allright, we hope this post warmed you up a little bit!⁠

One Hot Ginger

Recipe by Simone Goldberg


4,5 oz hot water⁠
1,5 oz bourbon (but we used rye)⁠
1 oz lemon juice⁠
1 oz ginger syrup⁠
0,75 oz Grand Marnier⁠
2 dashes Angostura bitters⁠
Pinch of cayenne pepper


Add all ingredients to a pre-heated mug and stir gently. Express an orange twist over the drink, then drop into it.⁠



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