cold brew, cream sherry, rum
El Duque presented by Cocktail Detour


We have always liked coffee, and it’s no exception even if the coffee is in a cocktail. In fact, coffee is a perfect ingredient in drinks which this El Duque is a good example of. We actually used cold brew espresso, from Sidekick Cold Brew, to give the drink that extra kick!⁠

Cream sherry is another favourite ingredient. It is not very heavy on alcohol, but it tastes fantastic and gives the drink a beautiful amber color. ⁠

The hefty amount of rum clearly defines the general flavour profile of this drink, but is is surprising how well the cold brew coffee and the sherry stands up to it.⁠

El Duque

Recipe by Gabriel Orta & Elad Zvi⁠


2 oz rum⁠
1 oz cream sherry⁠
0,5 oz cold brew coffee⁠
3 dashes chocolate bitters⁠


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lemon zest.



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