gin, grand marnier, punsch
Cliftonian presented by Cocktail Detour


Thinking that there were cocktail competitions all the way back in 1935, and that a winning cocktail from that era is still much enjoyable, is amusing.⁠

And seeing that Swedish punsch was an internationally used ingredient already then is extra fun. Punsch has definitely become a cocktail ingredient of importance today, but already 1935 it was something to count with.⁠

Orange juice in drinks has always scared us a bit. But the small amount in here is only nice. It counters the sweet punsch in a good way, plus it gives the cocktail a nice and bright colour.⁠


Winning recipe from the 1935 edition of London Cocktail Competition⁠


1/8 Swedish punsch⁠
3/8 Grand Marnier⁠
3/8 gin⁠
1/8 fresh orange juice⁠


Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a coupe.⁠



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