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MeMento is a new, non-alcoholic product that comes in one of the most unique bottles we’ve seen. Half glass/half wood, the bottle is sure to make an impression even before its content is poured.⁠

But not only is the MeMento alcohol-free, it is also free from sugar, and gluten and of course it’s vegan. So mixing a large drink with this, as we did, comes with no guilt at all.⁠

We thought mixing it with a lot of lime, simple syrup and a big splash of club soda created a refreshing and uplifting drink, in which the MeMento got to take center stage. It has some herbal notes, as well as some citrus aroma – it actually has quite some resemblance with gin now that we think about it!⁠

My Me Moment

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


Lime juice from 1 full lime⁠
2,5 oz MeMento ⁠
1 oz simple syrup⁠
Club Soda⁠


Mix the first three ingredients in a wine glass. Add ice and top up with Club Soda. Garnish with some mint.⁠


wine glass

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