absinth, green chartreuse, scotch, sweet vermouth
That'll Take the Edge Off presented by Cocktail Detour


A drink to drink by the fire place. This one is boozy, and it’s a play on the much appreciated classic Sazerac cocktail.⁠

We’re using Naked Grouse scotch, which works fantastic in high ABV-drinks like this one, where the whisky is in focus. The absinth rinse is brilliant, just a tiny amount goes a very long way and you might actually wanna use less than the suggested 0,25 oz if your’e not used to absinth.⁠

That’ll take the edge off

Recipe from “Be your own Bartender”⁠


2 oz scotch⁠
0,75 oz sweet vermouth⁠
0,25 oz green Chartreuse⁠
3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters⁠
0,25 oz absinth⁠


Rinse a rocks glass with the absinth. Stir all other ingredients with fresh ice and pour into the glass. Express a grapefruit peel over the drink.⁠



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