Mulata Daisy


We’ve been wanting to make the award winning Mulata Daisy by Agostino Perrone for a long time but we’ve been missing chocolate liqueur in our home bar. But after a recent trip to London a bottle is now bought, and we can finally try this mesmerizing recipe.

0,75 oz lime juice
cocoa powder
2 bar spoons Galliano liqueur
1 bar spoon caster sugar
0,5 bar spoon fennel seeds
1,5 oz white rum (Bacardi suggested)
0,75 oz chocolate liqueur
Rim the glass with lime and dip it in cocoa powder. Pour the Galliano into the glass and swirl it around (don’t discard). Muddle the fennel seeds gently together with lime juice and sugar. Pour in all remaining ingredients, shake with ice and strain into the glass (which already holds the Galliano).

What you notice immediately on the first sip is the licorice notes coming from both the fennel seeds and the Galliano liqueur. It creates a very interesting profile of the drink, and we are already in love with fennel seeds as a cocktail ingredient. The main ingredient in this cocktail however is light rum, and this blends very nicely with the chocolate liqueur.

Of course we had to sprinkle raw, organic cocoa powder over the table before we took this photo. It seemed like the perfect off-glass garnish for an elegant Mulata Daisy. The glassware by the way is a vintage (or at least old) Riedel cocktail coupe. Found it in a thrift shop for 2 USD. There was only one, but still walked out of the store very happy about this find.


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