Almond Espresso Martini


Hey we are Swedes, and we are the world’s third biggest coffee consumer per capita. We drink it for breakfast, after lunch and during our Swedish “fika” of course.

But we also love it in cocktails. Hence an Almond Espresso Martini fits us perfectly. There is a lot of coffee flavour in this one, but it is also nicely complemented by Italian Amaretto liqueur contributing with an almond touch.

1 oz freshly made espresso
1,25 oz vodka
0,75 oz Amaretto
0,5 oz coffee liqueur
Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into coupe glasses.

In the recipe, which we found in William Yeoward’s book American Bar, it says to sweeten the espresso according to taste. Given how sweet both Amaretto and coffee liqueur are we didn’t use any sugar at all in the espresso and the drink still turned out quite sweet. It’s up to your taste, but we would definitely recommend not sweetening the espresso at all. (You can always add sugar afterwards).

It’s unusual for us to use vodka, but in this cocktail it’s the obvious base spirit. Here we want the coffee flavours to be the star, and neutral vodka is then the perfect alcoholic partner.


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