Gin Lane


We had friends over for dinner, and one of them prefers sour cocktails. And we are basically the same, go too sweet and the cocktail could become undrinkable. It is after all a cocktail, and not candy we long for.

So when the recipe for a Gin Lane calls for one full ounce of fresh lemon juice, we know it was the perfect welcome cocktail.

It is a sour type of cocktail indeed, but of course that orgeat and also the ginger ale take away some of the acidity, making sure the Gin Lane is a well balanced and delicious cocktail in the end. Credit to Christopher Moore at the Beaufort Bar in London for this creation.

And just a final word on sweetener in cocktails. We do think there are some quite nice ways of adding sweetness and flavour at the same time. Orgeat (used in this cocktail) is one way, but also maple syrup, demerara syrup and different liqueurs can be good.

Gin Lane



1,5 oz gin
2 bar spoons apricot liqueur
2 bar spoons Grand Marnier
1 oz fresh lemon juice
0,75 oz orgeat
ginger ale


Shake everything but the ginger ale with ice and strain into a highball glass. Top up with the ginger ale.



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