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Ok, let’s be honest – this post is more about the peculiar glassware, than the actual cocktail.⠀

We found these two glasses, with built-in glass straws, in a thrift shop and had to buy them. They’re heart-shaped, literally speaking, which gets quite obvious when they’re filled with a raspberry based drink.⠀

Ditching disposable straws is very easy if you have glassware like this. They’re a pain to clean though…

But let’s not forget about the drink, it is a good one. Sharing some similarities with a Clover Club, it mixes a lot of gin with sweet raspberry syrup and sour lemon juice. The tiny amount of maraschino liqueur should not be left out as it really puts the final sweet touch to this elegant drink.




1,5 oz gin
2 teaspoons raspberry syrup
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 dash maraschino liqueur


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice ans strain into a cocktail glass.


cocktail glass

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