120 Fizz

120 Fizz presented by Cocktail Detour


Now don’t get us wrong – we love to mix drinks from scratch. But when we were asked to try out Swedish drink mixers from Carlbaum’s we couldn’t resist. They craft their small batch mixers using Primofiori-lemons from Spanish Murcia.

And you can definitely taste those lovely lemons. Despite there being both rhubarb and elderflower in the mix, the sweetness from those is very well balanced thanks to the lemons. It’s truly delicious and the drink that was very quickly created here is super refreshing.

We also tried the drink mixer mixed purely with club soda, seeing the mixer more as a cordial. And as expected those lemons shine through even more. A true quencher!

Cheers to Swedish products!

120 Fizz



1,5 oz gin
2 oz Carlbaum’s Nr. 7
2,75 oz club soda


Add ice to a highball glass and then pour in the gin and the drink mixer. Add the club soda and give everything a gentle stir with a sustainable straw.



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