Comanche Club

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Described as a 4 parts Negroni and 3 parts The Last Word cocktail we could do nothing but to capitulate and instantly shake up this drink. It basically mixes our two all time favorite cocktails into one.⁣

What’s interesting is how the rather small amount of green Chartreuse shines through and still somehow defines the drink – it even manages to mellow the Campari quite a bit. ⁣

The Carpano Antica Formula is definitely our go to bottle when recipes call for sweet vermouth. It’s of high quality, and not at all as sweet as one could expect from a “sweet vermouth”. It’s a versatile bottle to keep on hand as sweet vermouth is used in so many recipes.⁣

The drink tuned out surprisingly nice. You can really tell this is a Negroni/TheLastWord-mix, the characteristics of both are very present.⁣

Now is this the drink to replace both those classics forever? The answer is no, nothing beats the brilliant originals. But if you want to try a fun mash-up of two iconic recipes, the Comanche Club is the one to go for!⁣

Comanche Club

Recipe by Ted Kilpatrick⁣


1 1/24 oz gin⁣
2/3 oz sweet vermouth⁣
2/3 oz Campari⁣
3/8 oz green Chartreuse⁣
3/8 oz maraschino liqueur⁣
3/8 oz lime juice


Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a cocktail glass.⁣



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