Le Meilleur

Le Meilleur presented by Cocktail Detour


When Damien Lemercier visited the Corner Club bar in Stockholm some time ago he served us one of the best cocktails we’ve ever had – The Meilleur.⁠

The drink is made with verjus, which is basically grape juice. Damien used a clear one, but at home we could only get verjus made with red grapes (from Mattias’s parents home), hence our cocktail turned out much more colorful compared to Damien’s.⁠

It still tastes fantastic though! That sour verjus combined with the rum and the pandan-infused dry sherry is a flavour explosion in your mouth unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Le Meilleur

Recipe from Experimental Cocktail Club


0,5 oz rum (preferably Clarin)⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠
1 oz verjus⁠
1 oz Fino sherry infused with pandan⁠


Build the ingredients straight into a rocks glass.⁠


rocks glass

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