Gin & Tonic

Is there something as classic as a Gin & Tonic on a hot summer day? It’s highly enjoyable under a parasol on the patio. You can try it with different gins, different tonics or even try to make your own. Its fun and easy drink that deserves exploring.


Whats in it today?

We used great ingredients:

Monkey 47, a German gin from the Black Forest based on, of course 47 different ingredients.

Small batch tonic , American tonic syrup Jack Rudy Cocktail & Co. It tastes less bitter than Schweppes and you dilute it with sodawater. Its available on American Amazon and European Amazon.

To finish it off a few juniper berries and a lemon twist.


If you enjoy gin, please take a look at the book Gin & Tonic that we’ve reviewed earlier.

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