Stressed jigger

As many great cocktail books derive from America the jiggers we use measure ounces rather than centiliters. We use two different jiggers, both from Cocktail Kingdom. The first jigger measures 2 oz and 1 oz. The second jigger measures 0,75 oz and 0,5 oz. Combined they can measure basically all volumes needed when mixing cocktails.

These tall jiggers are easier to use than the wider, slightly more usual jiggers. As the top diameter is smaller on a high jigger compared to a wide, this means the risk of under-measuring is less. It also looks very sophisticated to use tall jiggers.

Both our jiggers started out gold plated. The care instructions were very clear that the jiggers can’t be machine washed. However we still put the bigger jigger (this is used most) in the dish washer. What’s happening is that the gold plate is slowly wearing off. But look at the picture closely, isn’t it rather beautiful looking anyway? The slow fading of the gold almost gives the jigger a stressed vintage look.

Jiggers are for sale at Amazon.

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