Book: Distilled

It’s nice to use high quality spirits when mixing cocktails. In later years there’s been a boom of crafted spirits in smaller batches. It’s not only about the big brands anymore (although these also can be good of course).

A beautiful book celebrating these high quality spirits is Joel Harrison’s and Neil Ridley’s “Distilled” first published in 2014. The book has one dedicated chapter per spirit type, and gets quite detailed in a fun and interesting way. There is some history on each spirit, an interview with a manufacturer, a list of the best examples of that particular spirit and an occasional cocktail suggestion every here and there. What we like about the book is that it’s written in a rather personal way, with the authors opinions quite visible throughout the chapters.

Obviously the book is also filled with beautiful pictures. Just look at the one on the cover, almost art! On this picture we paired the book with a shiny bottle of crafted Copperhead gin, to keep with the book’s theme.

“Distilled” is available at American Amazon and European Amazon.

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