French Intervention

absint, banana liqueur, green chartreuse, mezcal
The French Intervention presented by Cocktail Detour


Happy new year! Can you believe we are already saying goodbye to 2017 and at the same time welcoming 2018?!

From a cocktail point of view 2017 has been fantastic. Not only have we been fortunate enough to visit several of the world’s best bars, but we have also found so many new great recipes that we have tried at home.

We obviously want to end this year with a bang. And the French Intervention by liquid talent Shawn @narphorium is a super exciting cocktail to be shaking on new years eve. The effect of high ABV absinthe sprayed through an open flame is very theatrical and fun, and it smells so good! (Unless you accidentally burn your hand like @im_a_drunkard did when he tried this one. With that being said, be careful during the open flame session)!

Thank you everyone who has cheered on us throughout the year, it’s been so much fun. Until next year, cheers and thanks!


/Joakim & Mattias

French Intervention



1 oz mezcal
0,75 oz banana liqueur
0,75 oz lime juice
0,25 oz green Chartreuse
a few sprays of absinthe


Start by spraying the glasses with absinthe, then shake all other ingredients with ice and strain into nice glassware. Finish by spraying more absinthe over the cocktail, through an open flame.


A tiny highball


    1. You should be really careful doing it, and make sure nothing flammable is nearby. But it sure is an eye-catching garnish!

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