espresso, fernet branca, sweet vermouth
Jitterbug presented by Cocktail Detour


Let’s kick off this new year, called 2018, with our new year resolutions and a cocktail containing exactly what’s needed after yesterday’s celebrations, fresh coffee!

The recipe for the Jitterbug is from bar Canon’s book. What’s particularly fun about this cocktail is that the coffee creates this wonderful foam when shaken together with the other ingredients.

Feeling very awake and alert after all this coffee, we start to contemplate our cocktail new year resolutions for 2018;

1) We definitely wanna explore more low-alcohol, or even alcohol-free, cocktails.

2) We will come up with some new garnishing ideas. We promise at least one totally unique garnish throughout the year.

3) We want to try the hyped Italicus liqueur, in a solid and smashing cocktail.

4) Batched cocktails, in flasks or bottles is something we want to explore closer.

5) While there are organic options available of most non-alcoholic products there are surprisingly few organic spirits. Having said that, we want to try making a 100% organic cocktail.

6) We are yet to try Japanese gin, but will definitely incorporate it in cocktails this year.

7) We are quite excited about bar Aviary, supposedly releasing their first cocktail book mid-2018. We promise to feature one or more cocktails from that book in our feed.

8) As Cocktail Detour is also about traveling we want to go to one ore more big cities we’ve never been to before. And of course we want to seek out the best bars in these towns.

9) And finally, just like we did last year, we want to meet one or more drinkstagrammers in real life. Nothing beats real meet-ups!

Ok, fingers crossed we can keep all promises. Will be an awesome year if we do!

Cheers to 2018!




1,5 oz freshly brewed espresso
1 oz sweet vermouth
0,25 oz Fernet-Branca
0,25 oz simple syrup
3 dashes orange bitters


Shake all ingredients with lots of ice and strain into tall rocks glasses.



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