Femme Fatale

akvavit, punsch, rum
Femme Fatale presented by Cocktail Detour


A huge inspiration to us is Madeleine Solo Rapp – she’s a very experienced bartender having worked at some high profile bars around the world. This is her “Femme Fatale” that she created while bartending at the Dead Rabbit bar in New York City. We love that this cocktail features a very Swedish ingredient, lingonberry preserves.⁠

Because yes, Madeleine is Swedish, and we think it’s very cool how this every now and then shows in her cocktail recipes. Lingonberry preserves is what us Swedes traditionally have to our meatballs, but oh does it also work well in a cocktail!⁠


Femme Fatale

Recipe by Madeleine Solo Rapp


1 tbsp lingonberry preserves⁠
1 dash Peychaud’s bitters⁠
0,75 oz lemon juice⁠
0,5 oz cane syrup⁠
0,5 oz Swedish punsch⁠
0,5 oz clear rum⁠
1 oz akvavit⁠


Shake all ingredients and strain into a coupe. Add an ice nugget.⁠



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