rye, sweet vermouth, yellow chartreuse
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This is Madeleine Solo Rapp’s favourite stirred cocktail. She had this served to her at Attaboy in New York City some ten years ago, and she fell in love with it.⁠

The recipe is not very complicated, but we do agree on how delicious the cocktail turns out. There’s a lot of rye in it, which is usually what we anyway prefer over bourbon. Small amounts of sweet vermouth and yellow Chartreuse are then added together with some bitters, and it all blends so smooth and turns into a very memorable drink.⁠


Recipe by Michael McIlroy⁠


2 oz rye⁠
0,5 oz sweet vermouth⁠
0,5 oz yellow Chartreuse⁠
Dashes of Angostura & Orange bitters⁠


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.⁠



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