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We’re coming back to our bottle of Flor de Caña rum, made in Nicaragua close to an active volcano. So a pretty awesome rum, that also happens to be Fair Trade certified and sustainably sourced.

With that amazing volcano so close to the production we were tempted to go tiki and serve a drink in our volcano mug. But, after sipping the rum neat we re-thinked and decided to take this recipe in a slightly more elegant and less diluted direction. Using no fruit juices at all, but only the finest of spirits we served this delicious cocktail in tall coupes instead.

However, that volcano tiki mug was still put the test. By using some flammable props (be careful if you try this) we turned the mug into an erupting volcano in the background adding both fire and smoke. Check the last slide in the carousel above for a behind the scenes video of the volcano eruption.

As cocktail enthusiasts we’ve tried a lot of rum to be fair, but we have to say there is a certain elegance over this well aged Flor de Caña. It could be the beautiful bottle, the fact that the rum is sustainably produced . . . or it is simply the fantastic flavour experience, that lingers on your tongue long after your last sip.


Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz Flor de Caña 12 years rum
1 oz yellow Chartreuse
1 oz dry vermouth
3 drops saline solution (salt dissolved in water)


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe glass.



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