Ants in the Pants

gin, grand marnier, sweet vermouth
Ants in the Pants presented by Cocktail Detour


With a name like that, there’s no chance we would not shake the cocktail. Ants in the pants might not be what you get from drinking this cocktail, but it sure is fun thinking about how it got its name.⠀

Here we are trying out a new sweet vermouth to us, the Carpano Classico, which is the sibling of the Antica Formula we used in one of our posts from last week. We also tried it neat and it’s a rich and tasty vermouth that you could happily drink on its own. ⠀

The glasses are thrift shop finds from Berlin, and the plastic ant appears in one of our shoots for the third time. Sustainability is key!⠀

Ants in the Pants



1 oz gin
0,5 oz Grand Marnier
0,5 oz sweet vermouth
1 dash fresh lemon juice


Shake with ice and fine strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lemon peel.



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