Cruise Control


Pairing cocktails with food is interesting and fun. Some cocktails are so delicate they shouldn’t really be accompanied by anything at all. But particularly long drinks like Cruise Control we think work quite well to enjoy with food, instead of a glass of wine or beer. (Even if that is of course also nice).

This post marries together a vegan pizza with a Cruise Control cocktail. It’s a light bodied drink, and we used more club soda than suggested to make the cocktail last for all the pizza slices.

So this matchmaking session turned out quite successful. The Cruise Control is easy to drink, it’s sweet and sour at the same time and the added sparkles make it a very refreshing cocktail.

What are your favorite cocktails to pair with food? Or do you think serving anything else but bar nuts with cocktails is a big no no?

Cruice Control



1 oz light rum

0,5 oz apricot liqueur

0,5 oz Cointreau

0,5 oz lemon juice

1 oz (or more) club soda


Shake everything but the club soda with ice, strain and pour. Top up with the soda.



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