Carbonated Americano


In this post we are also doing a carbonated cocktail, using an iSi siphon to make a classic Americano cocktail go fizzy. The below proportions are suggested by Jeffrey Morgenthaler and it makes a batch of at least four to five cocktails.

6 oz sweet vermouth
4,5 oz Campari
13,5 oz water
orange zest
We chilled all liquid ingredients, and sprayed orange oil from the zest into it. Using our iSi siphon we added one cartridge of CO2 and then shook everything vigorously to really make the carbon dioxide go into the drink. Then we released the excess air and quickly bottled the cocktail.

And just as we were ready to pour the result of this project into glasses, the sun literally poured into our apartment. We snapped this photo slightly more quickly than planned before the sun disappeared again. Ah Swedish summer, we love you!


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