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It’s time to make our first original cocktail based on Naked Grouse Scotch Whisky. This whisky is particularly good in cocktails, and it blends very nicely with most fruits. So we wanted to use some kind of fruit juice in this recipe, without choosing the most obvious ones.

Being intrigued by prune juice, we bought a bottle and started experimenting. Immediately striking is that prune juice is more or less whisky coloured. This is quite cool, because the cocktail we finally ended up with looks very similar to the content of the Naked Grouse bottle.

But trust us, the whisky cocktail in this photo has both prune juice, and Grand Marnier in it. And there is also some honey syrup to add some sweetness. We think honey syrup is preferable over simple syrup in whisky cocktails, these flavors blend so smoothly.

Topping up the cocktail with Club Soda takes down the ABV a bit, and at the same time it adds sparkles. Can’t complain about that can you!




1,5 oz Naked Grouse scotch
0,5 oz Grand Marnier
0,75 oz prune juice
0,25 oz honey syrup
Club Soda to top up


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into tall glasses. Top up with club soda. (We wanted to avoid creating a foam on this cocktail, hence we stirred it rather than shaking it).


tall glass

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