Bastard – Malmö

Currently ranked the second best restaurant of Malmö at TripAdvisor, it’s easy to overlook what a great cocktail venue Bastard also is. Their cocktail menu is enjoyable reading, and it changes frequently. A favorite from a prior visit, “Le Saboteur” was still on the menu at our recsent revisit though. This is a cocktail containing several of our favorite ingredients. First of all smoky mezcal adding a lot of drama and character to any drink. Then the herbal and slightly sweet green chartreuse, and finally sweet vermouth with its intense flavor but lower alcohol content. Then Bastard adds bitters. We tried to figure out exactly what bitters they use. It’s hard to say for certain but our guess is some kind of citrus bitter, probably an orange bitter.

Cocktails at Bastard come quite plain without decorations. However cocktails here are all about flavor, and innovative recipes. Using high quality ingredients, the bartenders work hard to bring surprising flavor elements with each drink order. As seen in the first picture below some unusual ingredients such as sloe gin, Spanish gin, chorizo and creme de mure are used.

We would strongly recommend a visit to Bastard in Malmö only for the cocktails. Then there is of course the food . . . . . equally amazing for sure. (For food you need to book ahead though)!










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