Le Saboteur – iconic cocktail from Bastard

So, our visit to Bastard in Malmö made us wanna recreate their amazing Le Saboteur cocktail at home. We didn’t dare to ask for proportions, but according the cocktail menu the drink is made with mezcal, sweet vermouth, green chartreuse and bitters.

We decided to try equal parts of the spirits, and picked regans’ orange as our choice of bitters. With no citrus or fruit juice at all in the cocktail, we chose to stir it.


Our guesstimate recipe

1 oz mezcal

1 oz antica formula sweet vermouth

1 oz green chartreuse

regans’ orange bitters according to taste

Stir for a rather long time with loads of ice. This cocktail needs some dilution!


Mixing the green chartreuse with the ruby red antica formula creates a cocktail with a divine golden color. Make sure to serve this cocktail in your nicest glassware as you would wanna make this drink look pretty! An orange zest as decoration adds both that sophisticated look to the drink, but also a nice citrusy aroma.

When it comes to taste Le Saboteur is a knocker! Both mezcal and chartreuse are rather dominant ingredients, but when mixed in the same cocktail it’s almost like they tone each other down a bit. And when also adding a high quality vermouth like antica, you truly deal with a unique cocktail with an amazing taste palette.

So the big question, if a bartender from Bastard might just follow this blog, did we get the proportions right?






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