Warehouse C

bourbon, orgeat
Warehouse C presented by Cocktail Detour


When Jillian Vose made a surprise visit to bar 20hundra5 in Stockholm last year, at the very same evening we were guest judges in a cocktail competition there, we were quite excited!

Having previously featured several of Jillian’s cocktails in our feed we’ve been holding on to this one, the Warehouse C, for a while. Because it couldn’t be more fitting to post this one than today, on Swedish Midsummer Eve, the strawberry fiesta day of the year.

In the Warehouse C there might be only one single strawberry, but that one alone turns this cocktail into a summery temptation. Combined with orgeat, lime and cinnamon syrup it is almost a tiki drink. Sweet and refreshing at the same time.

Warehouse C



1 strawberry
1,5 oz bourbon
0,75 oz lemon juice
0,25 oz lime juice
0,25 oz orgeat
0,25 oz cinnamon bark syrup
0,25 oz ginger syrup
1 dash aromatic bitters


Muddle the strawberry in a shaker. Add all the other ingredients and shake with ice then strain into a coupe. No garnish Jillian says, we disobeyed and decorated with a strawberry. It is midsummer after all!



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