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Rubicon presented by Cocktail Detour


Time for a pretty fancy cocktail, the Rubicon, from bar Canon in Seattle. This is a Last Word with extra everything, complete with open flames and fresh herbs.

This drink is very heavy on gin, so choose this wisely. Go with your favorite. For us this was the perfect opportunity to break our bottle of Conker Spirit’s gin. It’s a delicious product from Dorset in the UK, and it was great in this herbal cocktail.

As this recipe involves an open flame a warning should be issued. Be very careful, and have something ready in case you need to put out the flame quickly.

We enjoyed this refreshing cocktail a lot. It’s herbal and lemony with a quite noticeable punch from the gin.




1 fresh rosemary sprig

0,5 oz green Chartreuse

2 oz gin

0,5 oz Maraschino liqueur

0,5 oz fresh lemon juice


Start by adding the rosemary sprig to a glass and pour the green Chartreuse over it. Leave it there while you shake the other ingredients with ice. Returning to the glas, swirl the Chartreuse and then light it and let it flame for a few seconds. Then double strain the actual cocktail into the glass and top up with crushed ice.



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