The Yellow Word


We wanted to create a Last Word variation as yellow as possible, while more or less sticking to the original four equal parts-proportions. So, we built the cocktail around Ungava gin, a tea infused gin with intense yellow color. Then we added Galliano (rather than Chartreuse) and fresh lemon juice (rather than lime juice). The clear Maraschino liqueur from the original recipe we decided to keep. Then at last minute we decided to add just a bar spoon of Benedictine liqueur, to balance the vanilla from the Galliano with some more herbal and darker notes. This experiment turned out really tasty, and naming the drink was easy enough . . . we proudly present Cocktail Detour original “The Yellow Word”:

0,75 oz Ungava gin
0,75 oz Galliano liqueur
0,75 oz Maraschino liqueur
0,75 oz fresh lemon juice
a bar spoon of Benedictine liqueur
Shake with ice, strain and pour.


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