The Seville

fino sherry, gin, lillet blanc
The Seville presented by Cocktail Detour


An interesting cocktail made with gin, sherry and Lillet. A gorgeous combination creating a beautiful drink. We think it’s a ”clean” cocktail as you can actually taste all three individual liquid ingredients in the final result. The herbal gin, the dry fruit from the sherry and the slight flowery sweetness from the Lillet.

The Seville

Recipe by Nick Mautone


0,5 oz fino sherry
2 oz gin
0,75 oz Lillet Blanc
2 dashes orange bitters
2 orange twists


Start by rinsing a chilled coupe with the sherry and squeeze one of the orange twists over the glass. Stir the liquid ingredients with fresh ice and strain into the prepared coupe. Potentially flame the second orange twist over the drink.




  1. This looks like a beautiful cocktail. I have a question about the sherry—do you leave it in the glass after rinsing the glass with it or discard it, as is so often done with an ingredient that has been used to rinse the glass (e.g., the absinthe in a Sazerac)?

    1. After rinsing you should discard the remaining liquid. Happy New Year and we wish you a prosperous cocktail year!

  2. I do this drink a bit differently and I think (in my not-so-humble-opinion) it improves it a little bit. Not that it needs improving, it’s just more to my taste. 1. I just measure the sherry into the mixing glass. The sherry dries the drink. When I made it originally, as written, the drink was too sweet. 2. I do two twists of orange per drink into the empty glass and then another on top after the drink is poured (no flaming). I also add an olive. If you can find it I also add .5 oz Prime Arance orange brandy for .5 of the gin. Gives it a lovely body that’s missing with the solely gin version.

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