Mess Around

amontillado sherry, coldbrew, genever
Mess Around presented by Cocktail Detour


So, how’s everybody doing now a few days after Christmas? We had a great time, celebrating with our families. Now there are a few “normal” days before New Years Eve and we thought a coffee cocktail, in the style of a world famous cream liqueur would be fitting.

Sidekick Cold Brew Coffee is new Swedish brand making cold brew coffee and also turning it into concentrate. We started by tasting it natural, and it has a distinct and very pleasant coffee flavour. Not too acidic and beautifully dark brown in colour.

*For this drink we turned the coffee concentrate into a flavoured syrup. Start by combining 2 parts coconut sugar with 1 part water. Let it dissolve over low heat, and when cool again add an equal part coffee concentrate into the coconut syrup.

When the flavoured coffee syrup is combined with genever, sherry and coconut, you end up with a heavenly drink. So smooth, so full of flavour, and so contributing with the coffee kick we need just now!

Mess Around

Recipe by Kelso Norris


1 oz genever
1 oz amontillado sherry
2 oz coconut milk
1 oz coconut sugar cold-brew syrup*
a dash of mole bitters


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice. (Shake vigorously – the coconut milk should get creamy and nice). Strain into a highball glass or a tall wine glass like we did. Add ice, preferably crushed, and garnish with grated nutmeg and chocolate.



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