The Invisible Skier

amaretto, rum
The Invisible Skier a Cocktail Detour Original


Okay, let’s Tiki the Snow Away!

We decided to call this original cocktail The Invisible Skier. It’s a milk cocktail gone vegan as we used almond milk as the base. We then made a banana nut bread syrup out of the very same tea from DAVIDsTEA. To really give the cocktail a tiki kick we used Smith & Cross’s tropical tasting rum, and to enhance the almond notes we added a small amount of Amaretto.

This is a cocktail on the sweeter side. However as the sweetness is coming from almonds, banana and other nuts it is still a very pleasant drink. There is a certain dryness to almond milk, which compliments the sweeter ingredients in a nice and balanced way.

The Invisible Skier



2 oz almond milk
0,5 oz banana nut bread syrup
1 oz Smith & Cross rum
0,5 oz Amaretto


Shake all ingredients vigorously with fresh ice. Strain into tall glassware, pre-filled with crushed ice.



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