The Humble Hero

lillet blanc, sherry
The Humble Hero by Linus Morgan presented by Cocktail Detour


The Humble Hero, he decided to call it…

When we participated as judges in bar 20hundra5’s Invitational Cocktail Competition a few weeks ago, talented bartender Linus Morgan from Tap Room Kungsholmen served us this original cocktail. And he did so after contemplating our order for a low-ABV-cocktail for only a few minutes.

This drink didn’t only appeal to us, but also everybody else at the contest who tasted it. Lillet Blanc is the main ingredient, but it’s paired with quite a lot of lime juice to get this fresh overall feeling. And then there’s two other interesting flavours in it, celery and coffee. An unusual combination that really defines the cocktail. It’s smashing we can assure!

A Humble Hero he truly is this Linus!

The Humble Hero



1,5 oz Lillet Blanc
0,25 oz dry sherry
0,75 oz lime juice
0,5 oz simple syrup
5 small slices celery
3 whole coffee beans


Muddle the celery and coffee beans in a shaker. Don’t be shy, really crush those ingredients! Then add everything else and shake vigorously with ice before straining into a rocks glass over fresh ice cubes. Decorate with an organic cucumber slice.



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