campari, creme de cassis
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This is one of those recipes that shouldn’t really work, but at the end do so! Because who would have thought that super bitter Campari, super sweet blackcurrant liqueur and super sour lime could form such a wonderfully complex, tasty and memorable drink!⁠

So do you trust us, and drink composer Rafael? The truth is in the pudding – and if you do go ahead and try it – then let us know what you thought.⁠

(It’s worth mentioning that we found the recipe in Gary Regan’s cocktail bible “The Joy of Mixology”).⁠

Recipe by Rafael Ballesteros


2 oz Campari⁠
0,75 oz crème de cassis⁠
1 oz fresh lime juice⁠


Shake with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.⁠



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