Claws on Sawtelle

cointreau, licor 43, vodka
Claws on Sawtelle presented by Cocktail Detour


We thought it was fun making this sour drink that taste a lot like lime although no lime is used. Instead we made a limeless solution by combining 20 grams of malic acid with 40 grams of citric acid and 1 liter of water. (Just stir to combine).⁠

Is it the same thing as lime? No it’s not, and that’s the whole idea. By using real lime a vegetal element is added along with the acid. By using the limeless solution we get the acidity but not the fruit.⁠

Instead it is the liqueurs, Cointreau and Licor 43, that bring fruitiness and also sweetness to the mix, and they do it well. Altogether it flavors the vodka, and the whole drink in a really pleasant way.⁠

And we cant stop appreciating how refreshing the drink looks once it’s ready to be consumed.⁠

Recipe by Taylor Lax


1,5 oz vodka⁠
0,5 oz Cointreau⁠
0,5 oz Licor 43⁠
1 oz limeless lime solution⁠
2,5 oz club soda⁠


Pour the first four ingredients into a tall glass and briefly stir. Add some fresh ice cubes and top up with the club soda. Garnish with an orange peel.⁠


Collins glass

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