Tampico by cocktaildetour and swedish tonic


We love most things bitter, so when we saw all that Campari in the Tampico cocktail we needed to try it. And it turns out Campari paired with tonic water (which is also quite bitter) and sweet Cointreau is a wonderful combination. All those flavours really work together and the sparkling effect fits really well. It’s truly a luxurious cocktail to sip!

At our local supermarket they suddenly started to sell tapas picks, meant to pick up bite sized food with. We however quickly decided these food picks could also double as cocktail picks, the just needed to be dressed in some green herbs and white flowers.

Garnishing a cocktail is both fun and hard we think. After putting all your energy into the cocktail itself it might be tempting with an easy garnish way out, say a classic lemon twist, a maraschino cherry or simply nothing. But every now and then it’s fun to get a bit creative with the decorating the cocktail. What do you think about this attempt? Boring or smashing?




1 oz Cointreau
1,5 oz Campari
1 oz lemon juice
tonic water


Shake everything but the tonic water with fresh ice and strain into a tall coupe glass. Carefully fill up with tonic water. Garnish with something green.



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