Smoked Gin & Tonic

gin, tonic
Smooky GT presented by Cocktail Detour


This is our smoked Gin & Tonic.

This is a cocktail to appreciate with all five senses. First of all LOOK at it, the smoke adds such a dramatic effect despite being so simple to add. LISTEN to the sound of that smoke being produced and the sparkling tonic water hitting the ice. SMELL that deep rich smoky notes, mixed with the herbal and spicy notes of the gin. FEEL the bubbles tickling your tongue. And last of all, enjoy the TASTE of the gin of your choice, infused with the woody smoke. A cocktail doesn’t get more simple , and probably not more delicious, than this.

Smoked Gin & Tonic



3 oz high quality gin
Clear tonic water


Pour the gin into a glass, over a big chunk of fresh ice. Cover everything with a glass dome and add smoke from a smoking gun. Remove the dome and top up with ice cold clear tonic water.


A rather big one

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