Street & Flynn Special

pimento dram, rum
Street & Flynn Special presented by Cocktail Detour


The Street & Flynn Special cocktail by Joseph Schwartz is a rather spicy rum highball drink. The spice is coming from that pimento dram which we think is such a cool cocktail ingredient.

A nice thing with these highball cocktails that are topped up with Club Soda is that you can decide yourself how high or low you want the ABV to be. It’s easy to make this really low ABV by using a lot of sparkling water. It will dilute the cocktail, but as the allspice liqueur and the ginger syrup are so aromatic the cocktail will still taste a lot.

We certainly have spring feelings by now, so for this shoot we deconstructed a lily from a bouquet of flower we had on hand. Just one of the large petals made a beautiful garnish, and when also incorporating a pink paper straw as well as a few rocks, the final mood for the shoot was set.

Street & Flynn Special



1,5 oz dark rum
0,5 oz allspice liqueur (pimento dram)
0,5 oz ginger syrup
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice
Club Soda for topping off


Shake everything but the Club Soda with fresh ice and strain into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Top up with Club Soda.



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