Coupe De Ville

beer, tequila, triple sec
Coupe de Ville presented by Cocktail Detour


We believe this is the first time we’re featuring a beer cocktail in our feed. So why do we do it now? Well, to be honest it’s because we found this vintage beer glass and instantly recognized its beauty.

So after acquiring the glass from the charity shop we found it in, next step was to find a suitable beer cocktail to pour into the glass. Thankfully we found the recipe for the Coupe De Ville online, and decided this was the perfect fit for our new glassware.

Of course this drink tastes beer, but the other ingredients do shine through, and secure an interesting and very refreshing cocktail. We didn’t stir the cocktail after topping up with the beer, so the flavour of the cocktail changes a bit as you drink it. In the beginning it’s more of a traditional beer, but the further down you drink the more “cocktaily” it gets. Really fun!

Coupe De Ville



0,5 oz tequila
0,5 oz orange juice
0,5 oz lime juice
0,25 oz orange liqueur
A light and refreshing beer to top up with


Shake all ingredients except the beer with ice and strain into a tall beer glass with a few ice cubes inside it. Top up with beer and garnish with several orange wheels.


beer glass

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