Sidewinder Cocktail

Cognac is easy to overlook as a cocktail ingredient. Thankfully in Death & CO’s book there are several recipes with both cognac and some other brandy’s. Today we tried a¬†Sidewinder¬†cocktail, with both cognac and applejack, as well as herbal liqueurs benedictine and yellow chartreuse. Finally there is also some spice added to the cocktail, in the form of absint and bitters.

It’s winter in Stockholm so this strong and spicy cocktail is really perfect for the season. The drink tastes a lot of the cognac of course, but both the benedictine and yellow chartreuse add sweetness, while the absint contributes with a hint of licorice.


What’s in it

2 oz cognac

0,5 oz apple brandy

0,25 oz benedictine

0,25 oz yellow chartreuse

1 dash absint

1 dash peychaud bitters

Stir all ingredients over ice.





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