Mezcal Paloma

Mezcal Paloma

We discovered mezcal this year and it’s one of our favorite spirits (even competing with gin). A late fall afternoon we wanted to make a cocktail containing mezcal and some fresh organic grapefruit we had in the fridge. So, the perfect opportunity to do a Mezcal Paloma!

Mezcal Paloma


Whats in it?

1 oz mezcal

1 oz tequila

3 oz grapefruit juice

0,25 oz agave nectar

1 dash grapefruit bitter

1 dash angostura bitter

Soda to taste

Stir all but soda with ice, pour over ice in a glass and finish off with soda.

Fresh bitter taste with a smoky hint of mezcal.

Mezcal Paloma

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